Zambia’s capital, Lusaka,  is one of the fastest-growing cities in Southern Africa with new buildings, shopping malls and chain stores regularly popping up. Accommodation options are varied and spread out across the metropolis. The city centre bustles with roadside stalls in the day and at night offers a wide range of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Visitors can also choose to stay on the outskirts in country lodges.

Central Lusaka offers a variety of budget, mid-range and top-end options. The level of choice is forever increasing as the city rapidly expands. There are a couple of five-star hotels perfect for the discerning traveller or if you are just seeking luxury for a few days after a rugged camping safari. Mid-range options vary from conveniently located hotels to sophisticated guesthouses. Budget accommodation varies considerably in price and quality but many visitors prefer the increasing number of smaller guest houses scattered throughout the city.

Below you can find a growing list of lodges, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, hotels, backpackers and camping sites.

Please note that ‘Rates From’ could be fully inclusive (may include activities such as game drives and walking trails for example) on some listings and not on others. Contact the establishment you are interested in for specific rates.