One of the largest man- made dams in Africa, Kariba is usually referred to as a lake because of its vastness and scenic beauty. It offers a great, easy to access destination for relaxing getaways, excellent fishing, fantastic sunsets, and a variety of water sports. Views of the Lake stretch for miles, and one could even imagine you’re at the Ocean. Located on the southern border of Zambia, Lake Kariba is warm all year round, making it perfect for a sunny retreat!

It is Africa’s largest man- made dam at 226 km’s long and in various places, 40 km’s wide! Many people looking for Kariba accommodation are looking to stay on a house- boat, as it provides a mobile friendly option of exploring this vast lake, enjoying some fishing and looking out for the game that frequents the banks.  

Lake Kariba accommodation options include hotels, bed and breakfasts, self- catering, lodges, chalets and houseboats.  Below you will find a variety of accommodation options.

Please note that “Rates From” could be fully inclusive (may include activities such as game drives and walking trails for example) on some listings and not on others. Contact the establishment you are interested in for specific rates.