There are several hotels and lodges to choose from on the Zambian side during your stay at beautiful Lake Kariba. They offer an excellent weekend break from Lusaka or a great way to enjoy part of your Zambian holiday relaxing on the shores of this ocean-like lake.

Some rent out boats, fishing equipment and water sport equipment so it is not always necessary to have your own gear with you.

Lake Kariba forms part of the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and covers an area of 5 580km² / 3 476mi² , making it one of the world’s largest reservoirs.

Below you will find a selection of Kariba hotels and lodges in Zambia. They offer the perfect base to explore the vast lake and take part in the many activities it has to offer.

Please note that ‘Rates From’ could be fully inclusive (may include activities such as game drives and walking trails for example) on some listings and not on others.