HydrospeedingIt is fun, it is exciting and it is easy to do. And it is in a unique location: in the Batoka Gorge, right below the historic bridge, just below the Victoria Falls.

We have the new hydrospeed called the ‘Anvil’ that is easy to use: you don’t need prior experience in surfing or body boarding.

The trip starts by walking down the Batoka Gorge to rapid #1 below the Victoria Falls. There you jump in the water with the Anvil and swim to rapid #2. The guide will give you a short instruction on the basics of controlling the Anvil and surfing on the wave. It is easy to get onto the wave and easy to stay there to surf, no experience or special skills required.

Things to know about Hydrospeeding:

  • You will need to be fairly fit to enjoy this activity to the full. Walking up the gorge is physically demanding.
  • Yes, it is safe. We have taken extreme care to make this activity as safe as possible. You have a life jacket, fins and helmet for the duration of the trip. There is a safety helper positioned below the rapid to make sure you don’t drift too far down the river. In the unlikely event of something happening we have air rescue and professional medical staff on standby.
  • Yes, you are allowed to take a small camera with you at your own risk. There is a dry bag on the trip, but we cannot take any responsibility for any of your electronic equipment.
  • No, we don’t provide transfers to and from the Victoria Falls. You will meet your guide at the entrance to the Falls before walking down the gorge.
  • Bottled mineral water is included.
  • We recommend wearing shorts and t-shirt, or swim wear. Sandals are sufficient to walk down the gorge. If you have sensitive skin, please bring your own sun block.
  • You may want to bring dry clothes to change after the trip.
  • Your valuables can be stored in a box; you will get them back at the end of the trip.
  • The activity takes approximately 3 hours.

Combine ‘Surfing the Zambezi ‘with ‘Swimming under the Victoria Falls” for a unique Zambezi experience!