The impressive Kalambo Falls can be found in the Northern Province, 33km / 20mi from Mbala on the Kalambo River, which forms the border between Zambia and Tanzania.

This spectacular jet of water falls in a single uninterrupted stream 221m / 725ft down into the gorge below and then on into Lake Tanganyika. They are the second highest falls in Africa (the highest are the Tugela Falls in South Africa) and the 12th highest in the world. Marabou storks nest in the gorge below.

Kalambo is also an important site because archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the use of fire by early humans dating back at least 60 000 years. This is one of the earliest known instances of our ancestors harnessing fire for warmth, protection, cooking, light and maybe even religious ritual. The area is a protected national monument and on the United Nations’ list of possible new world heritage sites.