Established in 1940 and situated in the Northern Province is one of Zambia’s least visited, yet most pristine parks. West Lunga is nestled between the Kabompo River and the West Lunga River. It covers 1 700km² / 1 056km² of forests, dambos, open grasslands and papyrus swamps as well as sustaining considerable amounts of miombo and chipya woodlands.

Due to the lack of surface water and extremely dense vegetation, wildlife is seen considerably less in comparison with other parks. Mammal species here include baboon, buffalo, elephant, eland, hippo, several species of antelope, crocodile, thick-tailed bushbaby and plenty more.

The park is home to some amazing birdlife. Sightings include the half-collared kingfisher, African finfoot, large numbers of black saw-wing swallow, and Zambia’s turacos.

Endowed with stunning waterfalls, rapids, underground rivers, limestone caves, hot springs, a sunken lake, and the Kabompo Gorge – the source of the acclaimed Zambezi river – this hidden paradise of Zambia is well worth exploring.

Although the park itself does not offer any accommodation, surrounding areas like Kabompo offer a variety of options in close proximity.