This is the world’s first commercial High Wire. A cable is spanned across the gorge 135m long and 75m above the ground. A full body harness is attached securely from your back to the cable and you take a running dive off the edge of the cliff and soar across the deep gorge like a bird in flight.

These activities are operated on a spectacular site above rapid number 7. You will freefall for about 50 metres before swinging out into the middle of the gorge. After several pendulum swings you will then be lowered to the ground where you can take a track back up to the top of the gorge. This can also be done as a tandem. You can purchase the DVD or photos of your jump once you have finished.

The ‘flying fox’ is a cable slide across the gorge and rather than jumping off into thin air, you slide or ‘fly’ across the gorge attached to a special harness before being pulled back in again.

If you want to try a change from the more traditional abseiling, then you can also try rap jumping, where you descend the rock face facing the ground and keep pushing off from the rock face as you head towards the bottom of the gorge.