Aside from its incredible National Parks and scenery, Zambia is fast becoming one of Africa’s most acclaimed adventure and extreme sports capitals. A range of action activities, mostly located in the Victoria Falls area, is drawing more and more visitors from all over the globe every year. Whether its bungee jumping from the Vic Falls Bridge spanning the deep Batoka Gorge with the Falls as a backdrop, river rafting down the wild Zambezi or having close and personal encounters with lion, cheetah or elephants, you are sure to find something to get the adrenaline pumping and make your trip to Zambia an even more unforgettable experience.

Zambia’s rainy season is from November to April. Most of the activities are available throughout the year except for the following that depends on the water levels and weather on that particular day:

  • Helicopter and Microlight flights over the Victoria Falls – depend on the weather
  • Livingstone Island (Devils Pool) – completely comes to a close between March to May when the water levels are high. However, this is entirely dependent on the season period.
  • Whitewater rafting – This depends on the high water rise which is usually March to May.
  • Bridge Activities ( Bugee, Abseiling, flying fox) – open throughout the year but closes when raining.
  • Under Spray – Only available in dry season  from August to January depending on the water levels
  • Livingstone Museum – Open throughout the year except on Christmas and New Year’s days

The rest of the activities are available all year round.


Fast-becoming one of the best-equipped whitewater rafting destinations in the world, the Bakota Gorge combines 23 sets of thrilling rapids with incredible scenery and a host of different rafting options.

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Edge your way down a sheer rock face overlooking the spectacular surroundings of the Bakota Gorge near Victoria Falls, then enjoy the walk back up through the forest .

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If throwing yourself into the air and freefalling for 110 metres from the top of Victoria Falls won’t get the heart racing, then nothing will.

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Enjoy this amazing experience as you ride the Elephants with your Mahout and the Guide who take you on a journey packed with interesting information about the gentle giants as well as the bush around you whilst taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

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Known as the Flight of Angels, taking a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls is a once in a lifetime experience with breath-taking views and incredible photo opportunities

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Strap on a full body harness and swoop across the Bakota Gorge like a bird in flight on the world’s first commercial high wire.

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Ride into the Teak Forests and wilderness areas, crossing over rivers and camping out along the banks of the river is one of the better ways to enjoy the awesome beauty of this area.

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Paddle your way down the mighty Zambezi below Victoria Falls on a kayak trip with an experienced white water kayaker.

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Take a peaceful and intimate walk through the bush with a pride of adolescent lions, getting closer to these magnificent beasts than you would have ever imagined and helping prepare them for re-release back into the wild.

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Experience the unique thrill of hurtling through the Zambezi’s rapids on a surfboard or surfing some of the world’s biggest river waves.

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