Armed with a body board a wetsuit, a life jacket, a helmet and fins, you will embark on a river journey playing in the currents, charging the rapids and surfing some of the world’s biggest freshwater standing waves. The main difference between river surfing and rafting is that you are in charge of your own vessel on the river. Instructors teach and guide you, but in the end, its you who is taking on the rapids. The attraction to many is the physical freedom and the sense of achievement felt after tackling the Zambezi on your own.

The general rule is anyone over 13 years old, but they must fit into the equipment adequately. For all the clients it depends on their fitness, water confidence and experience.

Anyone who has basic swimming skills, reasonable fitness and is confident and relaxed in water will have great fun. Girls love it too! No previous body boarding experience is necessary. Starting at your arranged pick up, you will be transferred to a rendezvous where you will enjoy healthy snacks while the guides introduce you to the concept of river surfing and run you through the days programme. Before venturing to the gorge, the guides will fit your river equipment ensuring maximum comfort and performance.

Then its down to the river for a ten minute safety and river talk, followed by your first plunge into the water where we practice the basic manoeuvres and positions required to river surf.

Once everybody is happy with the equipment, and their new found environment, its out into the main flow to start what many say is a seriously fun day! The only way up into the Boiling Pot below the Victoria Falls, is to swim – the day begins by exploring this amazing environment.

ZAMBEZI RAPIDS – These  are what this River is really known for and what makes river surfing here such a blast, literally ! Charging into rapids with water crashing around you and punching out the other side to find yourself surfing will undoubtedly be one of your best ever adrenaline rushes. You have the opportunity to take it easy in grade one to four, or if you’re up to it, go hard in grade five Zambezi white water !

WAVE SURFING – The Zambezi has many sensational standing waves which provide fantastic surfing. Surfing on a river wave is unique, and a highlight for surfers in this land-locked country.

PLAYING – The great thing about river surfing is being able to play in the dynamic currents that rafts cannot. A good example of this is Whirlie Riding – dropping into the zone where the main flow meets an opposite moving current, you drop your board into a vertical position, spinning inside the whirlpool.

SQUIRTS – By placing your board under the boil currents, you can feel the power of the water as it takes you down. Through controlling your board angle, you can maintain your depth and cruise under water ! This is optional and for the more adventurous. It’s like flying under water !

SUNDOWNERS – After an awesome day of river surfing, it’s time to climb the gorge to enjoy beers and softies at the top before transferring back to Victoria Falls or Livingstone.