It doesn’t all have to be a flurry of safaris, adventure activities and city lights. Zambia also offers plenty of leisure holidays for those who want to take things a little more slowly. There are numerous great spots for good tiger and fly fishing on the bigger rivers and lakes, while it doesn’t get much more relaxed drifting around the vast Lake Kariba on a fully-equipped houseboat. Whatever the case, getting away from the crowds isn’t difficult in Zambia, so put your feet up and enjoy the peace and quiet.


The Zambian side of the beautiful Lake Kariba, which also crosses into Zimbabwe, is particularly still and tranquil offering spectacular sunsets, visits to the dam wall or stopping off at little villages along the way. Taking a few days’ break on a houseboat you can easily feel a very long way away from everyone and everything else.

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Almost all of Zambia’s numerous lakes and rivers provide excellent fishing that would please any angler. Camping along the quiet banks and shores of many of these remote water resources only adds to the experience.

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There’s no better way to really experience Zambia than to traverse its rich and diverse landmass under your own steam, either in your own 4×4 or a sturdy rental picked up in Lusaka or Livingstone, and experiencing the fun of camping in the bush.

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