Nestled in the heart of the Luangwa Valley on the eastern banks of the Luangwa River is one of Zambia’s smallest national parks: Luambe. Covering only a total area of 300km² / 186mi², it is snuggly located between the popular North Luangwa and South Luangwa National Parks. It features much of the same bird and game species, just on a smaller scale and likely with fewer visitors.

The park was established in 1938, making it one of the oldest in the country, and although it is relatively less crowded than the more popular neighbours, the Luangwa Valley is slowly gaining more popularity, making this the optimal time to experience the peace and tranquillity of the untouched African wilderness.

Boasting more than 200 species of birds, Luambe is a true wonderland for avid birders. Some of the big ticks include martial, tawny and African fish eagles. Keep an eye out for rare species like the African skimmer, racket-tailed roller and Pel’s fishing owl.

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