Abseiling or rappelling is a fun way to experience Batoka Gorge from a completely different point of view. Wearing a helmet, you are attached to the main and safety ropes from the harness and then gently lowered over the side. The rope is slowly let out as you make your way down the sheer rock face. Don’t worry: guides are talking you through it at all times!

On reaching the base of the gorge, you usually have the choice of walking out or being hauled back up. The walk up is an integral part of the day’s activities as a gentle slope with plenty of rest stops has been chosen. It is a pretty walk, especially when all the trees are in leaf during the wetter summer season from November to March.

As always, wear closed shoes and shorts, and obey your guide at all times. This is one of those activities where the nerves quickly wear off and you wish you could do it all over again once you get to the bottom!