As well as the prescribed immunisation and vaccinations, one should also take basic precautionary measures. Although it may not smell good or worse – taste awful, use insect repellent. This could save you from many avoidable illnesses when travelling Africa.

HINT: In terms of insect repellents, Peaceful Sleep seems to work better than Tabard in Zambia due to adapted immunisation of insects like mosquitos and tsetse flies.


Malaria is virulent in the low-lying areas of the country, and especially during or just after the rainy season. Doctors advise taking prophylactics two weeks before arrival and continuing two weeks after leaving. Your chemist or doctor can advise you of the most suitable drug available as certain drugs lose their efficacy.

Take Malaria test kits with you just to be sure and at the first sign of any flu-like symptoms be sure to test yourself.

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