Many will argue that staying on a houseboat at Lake Kariba is the best way to explore this magnificent area as well as being an exciting way to live for a few days. The types of Kariba houseboats offering accommodation can vary and include options such as pontoon houseboats, yachts and cabin cruisers. Houseboats may accommodate only a few people but some cater for 50 or more guests! They offer the perfect platform to view game from the water’s edge as well as fishing to your heart’s content. Where else in the world can you view African wildlife, catch a tigerfish and sip on an ice-cold beer, all at the same time!

Lake Kariba houseboats are designed for relaxation. Most come with a full team on board (including a captain) responsible for sailing, cooking and cleaning so your only real worry is deciding which sundowner to enjoy next. Below we have a selection of Kariba houseboats to choose from to start your journey in a place where it is almost always sunny and the call of a fish eagle starts your day in beautiful Africa.

Please note that ‘Rates From’ could be fully inclusive (may include activities such as game drives and walking trails for example) on some listings and not on others.