Zambia is one of the most water-rich countries in Africa and her many rivers cascade into fabulous displays of falling water as they wind over the undulating landscape. The most spectacular is of course the not-to-be-missed Victoria Falls, but there are 17 other beautiful falls dotted around the country. Waterfall Tours are becoming a popular trip providing access to these out of the way delights as well as opportunities to see rural village life in Zambia.


The northern provinces of Zambia are very remote and uncommercialised. A two or three-week self-drive circuit from Lusaka is the only practical way to explore these off the beaten track areas of the country. The northern waterfalls are like finding the treasure chest from a secret map. Many of them have no tarred roads leading to them so it is quite an adventure locating them. The local villagers are always helpful and will tell you what they know about the traditional lore behind each waterfall, all of which are viewed as sacred places. Several operators offer tours around these areas and include visits to local villages to get a feel of authentic rural life in the beautiful unspoiled Zambian countryside.