Aerial law enforcement patrols with Conservation South Luangwa in Zambia.

Aerial law enforcement patrols with CSL.

3 March is World Wildlife Day and the theme for 2023’s celebration is, ‘Partnerships for wildlife conservation’. In Zambia, conservation is the life’s work and calling of thousands of people who often operate in dangerous conditions for little monetary reward, fighting to save animals from threats like humble bushmeat poachers to sophisticated international syndicates.

This World Wildlife Day, we are highlighting just a few of the organisations that make a difference to Zambia’s animals, from the tiniest, toiling ant to the feistiest zebra and every creature in between.

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

Did you know Zambia is home to the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world that saves these deeply intelligent and emotional primates from the bushmeat and pet trades? Since 1983, it has provided a safe haven for chimps from circuses and zoos, too.

You can help via donations that will be used for everything from solar power for staff quarters to a research clinic, sponsoring a chimp or even buying a chimp a meal. Come on, take a chimpanzee out for fruits and veggies!

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

Opened in 2001, Chipembele means ‘rhino’ and does an enormous amount of conservation education and awareness work in the Luangwa Valley.

You can support their work via donations, sponsoring a student to literally change a young person’s life or through bequests, in-kind donations and other means.

Conservation Lower Zambezi

Founded all the way back in 1994, CLZ takes a holistic approach that incorporates wildlife protection, environmental education, community empowerment and the reintroduction and research of vulnerable species.

You can get involved via an annual membership, donations, fundraising, volunteering and choosing accommodation in and around Lower Zambezi National Park that supports CSL.

K9 training with Conservation Lower Zambezi.

Conservation South Luangwa

CSL is based in Mfuwe and has, since 2003, set up projects around anti-poaching, aerial surveillance, community coexistence and conservation, wildlife rescue, veterinary outreach and K9 patrols.

You can get involved via donations, shopping or even adopting a K9 cutie. See our article on six ways to help CSL when you’re on the ground in South Luangwa that don’t involve donations.

Game Rangers International

GRI was founded in 2008 and works with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to cover resource protection, community outreach and wildlife rescue.

You can get involved by adopting, volunteering, shopping, fundraising, donating or taking part in their events like MTB races.

Zambian Carnivore Program

ZCP helps conserve large carnivores like lion, hyena and leopard in hotspots like Kafue, Luangwa and Liuwa. Their scientific approach involves not only research and rescue but also large landscape conservation: without substantial home ranges, carnivores cannot survive.

You can donate or shop for jewellery, home textiles, books and even wine!