Self-driving travellers of the Kafue National Park can expect a more enjoyable driving experience when travelling along the park’s newly upgraded Spinal Road…

Images supplied by Kasabushi Camp

According to Libby Wilson of Kasabushi Campsite, who recently returned from a break at Lake Itezhi, the road that links the park’s northern, central, and southern sectors has been professionally graded, re-shaped, and drainage has been improved and widened.

“The Spinal Road has been restored to its former glory and our guests are loving it!” she says. “Natural wear and tear since 2012 has, inevitably, had a detrimental effect on the road and made it less enjoyable to drive, especially after the rainy seasons. A few months ago the drive was long, the grass high, the road narrow and water damage in places.”

The Road Ahead…

However, after African Parks and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) via its Priority Support Plan collaborated initiatives that included the improvement of the Park’s infrastructure, Libby says that the 180 km stretch between the M9 tar (Lusaka-Mongu road) and Lake Itezhi-Tezhi is now “driving in the right direction and the road ahead looks great!”

If you’re planning a self-drive adventure in Zambia with visits to places like the beautiful Kafue National Park, Zambia Tourism has some helpful information to help with your self-drive planning:

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Source: Kasabushi Campsite


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