Since 2008, the Elephant Charge has raised over $1.3 m for wildlife conservation in Zambia and created a unique event attracting 4×4 teams, sponsors and interest from across the globe.

Up to 30 teams must reach 10 checkpoints at a secret location in Zambia’s wilderness in the shortest distance. Crossing ravines and traversing gullies, this challenge is both breathtaking and rewarding.

Funds raised support conservation through education in Zambia at ten different grassroots projects nationwide.  All these projects involve school children and communities in conservation education to encourage the next generations of conservationists in Zambia.

This year the event will take place on Saturday 25 September at a breathtakingly beautiful location in the Zambian wilderness to be disclosed 72 hours before the event. All COVID restrictions will be adhered to and there will be no catering provided. However, families are welcome to come along and watch this epic event on the Saturday. Camping space will be available.

For more info about the Elephant Charge click here.

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