Already an award-winning lodge for its focus on community development and ecological responsibility, Tongabezi’s dream to become a true eco-property will soon be realized through their recent partnership with Green Safaris.

A few kilometers upstream of the iconic Victoria Falls and overlooking the mighty Zambezi River from the Zambian side, Tongabezi is a luxury lodge that has been making the hearts of honeymooners flutter for three decades this June. Not only does this romantic hideaway turn the big 3-0 this year, but they have also joined hands with Green Safaris, a leader in sustainable hospitality and tourism in Zambia and Malawi.

A view of Tongabezi from the Zambezi River at sunset © Gerben van der Waals

Tongabezi and Green Safaris have the same levels of commitment to their neighbouring communities, as well as a shared belief that travel should make a positive difference in the world, and so any joint venture between these two companies a match made in green tourism heaven.

Thumbs up for community development and empowerment

Tongabezi has been a leader in sustainable tourism in Livingstone and Zambia more broadly for many years, always searching for new ways to reduce their environmental footprint and better support their neighbouring communities. So, the biggest and most exciting change coming from their partnership with Green Safaris is that they will have the added support, finances, knowledge and drive to increase the positive impact they can have on the environment and in the local communities of Simonga and Mukuni.

A young star of Tujatane gives a thumbs up © Gerben van der Waals

The Tongabezi Trust School, Tujatane, has grown from a small pre-school class of 15 children in 1996 to a primary school with over 280 students between the ages of three and 17. The vision of the school is to provide underprivileged rural Zambian children, living within walking distance of the school, with a sound and holistic education so that they may have the chance of bright, promising futures. Green Safaris is now part of the wider community that will provide a good education to the children of Tujatane.

In love with carbon-neutral lodges

Luxury guest chalets overlook the Zambezi River from Tongabezi’s private Sindabezi Island, which is part of the Tongabezi family and is found just three kilometers up from Victoria Falls. According to Fodor’s, Sindabezi is recognized as one of the top 10 eco-lodges in Africa. It is powered by solar energy with paraffin lamp supplements and the wastewater system pump is also solar-powered.

A colourful bowl that is a feast for the eyes and nourishing for the body © Gerben van der Waals

All the Tongabezi lodges employ local bush guides and lodge staff who are upskilled in environmentally friendly practices. The garden onsite provides organically fed and protected produce that is crafted by chefs into gorgeous, tasty, healthy meals. Together with surrounding communities, they build sustainable tourism practices that conserve and protect Zambia’s beautiful natural resources.

Big leaps towards greener practices

Tongabezi has never been a place to stand still in time. This new relationship with Green Safaris is the next inspirational phase of going greener for the environment and securing real opportunities for community members that they share it with.

A solar-powered safari boat cruises on the Zambezi River © Green Safaris

This includes plans to build a new house, which will be as environmentally sustainable as possible from the ground up. Tongabezi also aims to continue focusing on renewable power sources, and with Green Safaris’ innovations in the first E-Landy and fully solar-powered safari boats, they are the ideal people to help make this happen.