Most safari camps rely on activities such as game drives and walking safaris to view Africa’s majestic wildlife up close. Not in Zambia’s Kafue National Park.

At Jeffery & McKeith Safari’s new Musekese Camp, their resident pride of lions has been walking through camp on a regular basis and recently joined guests at lunch!  Lions have also regularly been visiting the camp around sunset with guests enjoying a sundowner only metres away from the relaxed pride.

Kafue, Zambia’s largest national park is a key refuge for one of Africa’s most important lion populations. The abundance of lions in Africa has declined rapidly in recent decades, largely due to competition for space and prey with growing human populations. The future survival of the species in the wild therefore depends heavily on populations in large protected areas such as Kafue.

Tourism in Kafue National Park provides protection for wildlife as well as support to local conservation efforts through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and supporting organisations such as Game Rangers International.

The new Jeffery & McKeith Safaris Musekese site hides, sheltered by a grove of tall, emerald jackalberry and acacia trees, on the sandy shores of an exquisite dambo leading into the majestic Kafue river.

The dambo teams with game all day, herds of puku, waterbuck and many other antelope as well as an array of bird life including crowned cranes, enjoy the lush vegetation in front of the camp. The grandfathers of the bush, the old bull elephants will saunter down for a drink in the afternoon as long as the resident pride of lion aren’t too close by.

You can see incredible videos of the lions in the camp here and here.