A wise man once said: never go too long without watching a sunset. But as with any natural occurrence that happens every single day, it’s easy to take for granted.

Africa is a land of stirring sunsets that dare not be forgotten or missed. Many activities enjoyed on a safari holiday follow Mother Nature’s natural clock and are planned around the rising and setting of the sun. Morning game drives begin at dawn and afternoon ones come to a close once the sun has set.

Sunrise and sunset are two very magical times of day that take the spotlight on a safari holiday. Along the Zambezi River at Tongabezi Lodge, sunsets light up the skies in beautiful technicolour and demand to be celebrated in the most extravagant and creative of ways.

The luxury lodge shares a couple of ways that they celebrate such raw beauty in the middle of the African bush:

Bubble baths with a view

There is no better way to rinse off the day’s safari dust than in a warm bubble bath. Each of the baths are designed to soak up private views of the bush and Zambezi River. The only beings you’ll see are the many birds, monitor lizards, and resident elephants that come to drink from the river.

When guests sneak away for an afternoon activity, Tongabezi hosts draw a big bubble bath in their rooms which welcome them upon their return. Relaxing sunset views in a sunken tub are what safari memories are made of.



Sundowners in the sand

Sundowners are Africa’s equivalent to “happy hour” and one of the best traditions observed on safari. Most commonly enjoyed whilst out on game drives, rangers will find a picturesque spot for guests to dismount the vehicle and enjoy drinks and snacks with the setting African sun as their backdrop. At Tongabezi, sundowners can be relished at a secluded picnic spot on the sand of the Zambezi River bank – a secret area only accessible by boat. The location of the sand bar feels as if you are in the middle of nowhere, watching the sunset light play peacefully on the river with a fully stocked mobile bar at your disposal.



Boat cruise with the wild ones

Not only is a boat cruise an incredible way to take in the sunset, but it also remains the perfect platform to get up close to Zambia’s wildlife. The birds, elephants, giraffes, and hippos often make an appearance for a casual drink or mud bath during this time of day. Kickback with a beer or cocktail in hand, knowing you’re in for a water performance while the skies simultaneously burst into gorgeous hues of pink, orange, yellow, and purple.

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If there’s one takeaway from a safari holiday in the African bush, it will be that you will never have to go long without taking in the beauty of a sunset. They are a central part of the safari experience and celebrate them we will!