Guests looking for unique ways to visit the South Luangwa National Park can now opt for Chikunto Safari Lodge‘s new 6-meter-high sleep-out and stargazing platform!


An Elevated Experience for Safari Sleepouts

Providing elevated views over the Luangwa River and up to the African sky, the new 6-meter-high platform was recently added to one of Chikunto’s Deluxe Tented Suites. The stargazing and sleep-out facility comes complete with its own private telescope and is ideal for honeymooners or those wanting to treat themselves to something different during their stay.

“Imagine your private sundowner or dinner on that raised platform/deck, connecting with nature and each other, while listening to the sounds of hippos in the nearby Luangwa River and the noises of the African bush as the sun slowly sets over the meandering river directly in front of you,” says Chikunto’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Gareth Jones. “Subtle lighting all around you. Private telescope to one side. Drink in the hand.” Gareth is also one of the first to try out Chikunto’s Lodge’s new star-gazing and sleep-out facility and had this to say while sharing his experience with Zambia Tourism shortly after; “It was a truly amazing and humbling experience. Woken by the sounds of lions some 400 yards away at 5.00 a.m. this morning!”

Building Chikunto’s Sleep-out Deck

Illustrating all the hard work and excitement that went into constructing Chikunto’s sleep-out deck, Gareth supplied Zambia Tourism with the following images:

Guests are invited to sleep under the stars of Chikunto’s Stargazing and Sleepout facility by booking its Deluxe Tented Suite (subject to availability).

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Source: Chikunto Safari Lodge