GRI’s Kafue Conservation Project (KCP) are proud to announce that one of the officers in the GRI-supported ZAWA Special Anti-Poaching Unit (SAPU) has been promoted by ZAWA to Investigations Officer.

Congratulations to Kamuti Muyongo! Since his promotion Kamuti has become increasingly involved with our Intelligence-led law enforcement effort; nurturing informers; gathering wildlife crime intelligence and setting up investigations in the Kafue National Park area. This has resulted in some very successful Anti-Poaching operations in recent weeks.

Each of the three SAPU Rapid Response Teams carry out several short and long patrols during each month. KCP aim to support 300 patrol “man-days” per month. In practice this means 5 patrols consisting of teams of 6 Wildlife Police Officers spending 10 days in and around Kafue National Park detecting and deterring wildlife crime. This month, due to the volume of intelligence received, some SAPU teams agreed to being deployed even when they were supposed to be on rest!

As a result, during June 2014, SAPU recovered 9 firearms, 68 snares, over 350kg of bushmeat and arrested 15 suspects, protecting the valuable wildlife and environment of the Kafue National Park.

ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE PROJECT1455cfa8-53a5-4141-af98-59d8a7b670de

The EOP is the very grateful recipient of 6 tonnes of milk formula donated through the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and flown from London to South African by British Airways.

With logistical support from British Airways World Cargo, GMA Logistics, Swissport and IAG Cargo the shipment was flown to Zambia by South African Airways.

Upon arrival NAC2000 and Morrel Trading Ltd transported the milk through Lusaka to Valley Lodgeistics who have very kindly agreed to store the milk for use at the Lilayi Elephant Nursery. It is now finally being enjoyed by Zambia’s elephant orphans! Thank you to all involved.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROJECT1689534f-9fe3-4373-b1e3-5cb1c5a23419

Thanks to Mr Ken Morley, GRI’s Community Outreach Project (COP) has this month been able to provide Itehzi-Tehzi District resident, Marjory with a wheel chair from Disacare Zambia.

Thirty-two year old Marjory has never had the use of her legs, but has managed to lead a full life with a husband and two children, moving herself around using her arms. Thanks to this piece of equipment she will now be much more mobile!

KAFUE RESEARCH PROJECT53c603f4-25c3-43fc-8c4d-c7912bdfa05b

Congratulations to GRI’s Kafue Research Project (KRP) and Community Outreach Project (COP) and ZAWA who won first prize for their stall at the annual Itehzi-Tehzi Agricultural Show.

The GRI stall engaged many local community members on the subject of wildlife and its importance to our existence, as well as the constant threat of human wildife conflict in the areas surrounding Kafue National Park.

MUZOVU AWARENESS PROJECTcc6f2f09-71ea-4b1c-8acd-8199f87cfdc0

GRI’s Muzovu Awareness Project (MAP) works with local schools to promote environmental education through after-school clubs. MAP also runs a “Friendship Scheme” through which schools elsewhere in the world can become “pen-pals” with schools in Zambia.

Students from Ngoma Basic School were so excited to receive pictures and letters from their friends at Alexandra Parade Primary School in Glasgow, Scotland. The whole class cheered as each letter that was delivered and took turns reading the handwritten notes aloud.

Article courtesy: GRI

Photos: GRI