What to Expect on a Family Holiday at Victoria Falls

Taking the family to Victoria Falls is a foolproof way to ensuring everyone has an unforgettable holiday experience whilst also creating different opportunities to spend quality time together.

From getting drenched in the mist and spray of the world’s largest waterfall to taking a thrilling dip in Devil’s Pool adjacent Livingstone Island and reeling in the fighting tiger fish on the Zambezi River, this is an excellent family holiday destination.

These, together with those mentioned below, are some of the activities you can expect to be part of at Victoria Falls:

Off-land thrills

A watery ride through the Zambezi rapids © Tongabezi


Teenage kids that are into having an extreme water adventure will love the white-water rafting trips on the Zambezi River’s powerful rapids. These have a tried-and-tested reputation for getting the heart really pumping in even the most experienced of adrenaline junkies. You can also head out on the Zambezi for those burgeoning anglers (young and old) keen on reeling in some large fish like the notorious tiger fish.


Microlight cruising over Victoria Falls at golden hour © Tongabezi


If it’s the wind blowing through your hair that gets you and the kids excited, then Victoria Falls will certainly live up to your holiday expeditions. From the iconic Victoria Falls bridge, older teens can go for a big swing or bungee jump over the Zambezi River and downwards into the Batoka Gorge. If the kids are 10 years and older, you can choose a completely off-land experience as you take to the sky above Victoria Falls on a helicopter or microlight flight.


Enchanting moments at Livingstone Island

Rainbow magic at Victoria Falls © Tongabezi


Age doesn’t count when visiting Victoria Falls and Livingstone Island, as everyone experiences it with childlike delight and wonderment at the sheer scale of this natural wonder. As part of the tour around the island, your group will be told fascinating facts about the area by your knowledgeable guide. At the end, you can sit down with the kids and chat about what you’ve just seen over a picnic on the island.


An extreme swim in Devil’s Pool © Tongabezi


Usually, open between mid-August and mid-January, Devil’s Pool is a short swim across from Livingstone Island above the falls when the Zambezi River’s water levels are at their lowest. It feels like you’re at the edge of the world, as you peer over the edge of nature’s own infinity pool and down to the bottom of the falls below. Children 12 years and older can enjoy this exciting activity and parents need not worry as complete safety precautions and extra vigilance are taken by the guides.


Riverside luxury

The Hangout spot overlooking the Zambezi River © Tongabezi


Lodges like Tongabezi offer multiple accommodation options for families, large or small, looking to take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Several chalets and houses have been designed and furnished with families in mind and care are taken to ensure the experience is as child-friendly as possible.


Tangala House swimming pool © Tongabezi


At the world-class Tangala House by Tongabezi, the family can enjoy the large private swimming pool, trampoline, lawn games, various board games as well as a television nook. The full complement of private staff includes a private guide and chef, which means you will only need to worry about spending time with the family.