Once again, the creative team at Zambiatourism.com have been busy putting together a highly proffesional promotional video to showcase one of Zambia’s flagship destinations – the pristine and game rich South Luangwa National Park, which also happens to be one of our personal favourites.

This newest video follows on from the promotional video we made earlier this year that showed a great number of Zambia’s highlights and selling points. That video has been widely praised and already been viewed more than 15,000 times on YouTube.

We hope that the new South Luangwa video, like the Zambia one, will inspire more people to visit this magical country and, more specifically, this special park that is often referred to as “Africa’s last great wilderness”. We also hope that our videos will continue to help grow Zambia’s online tourism footprint.

The new video gives viewers an appetizer of all that is on offer in South Luangwa. Among other things, there is spectacular and often action-packed wildlife footage, as well as some great shots of the park’s feted walking safaris.

The footage was partially filmed by the Zambiatourism.com team when they visited the park last year, while other footage was contributed by Peter Geraerdts, a local photographic safaris operator and guide.

The finished product was put together by our videographer Josh John, with a script from our travel writer Christopher Clark and narration provided by actor and voiceover artist Sanda Shandu