I must say it’s a relief! As much as I value the rains as a time of regeneration (and for great birding opportunities) a day comes when the air is dryer, and the breeze is fresh, and I celebrate! Not only am I happy to be able to move around without permanent perspiration, but it’s a very exciting time of year – the promise of a new safari season. The wildlife seems to feel it too, beginning to adjust their daily activities to accommodate the cooler days and greater opportunities for activity; impalas are beginning to rut, snorting their pleasure at the new season, and sparring elephants ‘clack’ their tusks against together giving that unmistakable sound.

2016 is a more exciting safari season than most as Edward Selfe Photography uses more camps and takes more bookings than ever before. Even after 7 years here, I am sure that Luangwa will continue to astonish me with her marvels. And I hope that she shares her treasures with all of 2016’s visitors. Here’s to the promise of a new season.