(IN CASE YOU MISSED IT): Zambia Removes Visa Requirements for Selected Countries

Earlier this week news that the removal of visa requirements for selected countries entering Zambia was reported to take effect from 1 October 2022... As a positive step towards increasing the number of foreign visitors to the country, the country's president, Hakainde Hichelema noted the significant value of Zambia's tourism [...]

South Luangwa: A Top Destination For Wild Dogs

Filled with dense areas of world-class game, South Luangwa is considered one of Africa's greatest wildlife sanctuaries by many. In addition to having good numbers of some Big 5 members, South Luangwa is also a top destination for wild dogs, Africa's most endangered carnivores. Photographer Peter Geraerdts recently shared an update [...]

Chikunto Safari Lodge’s NEW 6-meter-high Stargazing and Sleep-out Platform

Guests looking for unique ways to visit the South Luangwa National Park can now opt for Chikunto Safari Lodge's new 6-meter-high sleep-out and stargazing platform!   An Elevated Experience for Safari Sleepouts Providing elevated views over the Luangwa River and up to the African sky, the new 6-meter-high [...]

African Parks To Manage Kafue National Park with the Signing of a Twenty-Year Lease

In case you missed it, on 1 July 2022 African Parks signed a twenty-year agreement with the Government of Zambia for the management of Kafue National Park. This agreement follows the successful conclusion of a 16-month Priority Support Plan (PSP), initiated in February 2021 by the Department of National Parks [...]

A Guide to Visiting Liuwa Plains National Park

Up until a few years ago, not much attention was paid to the lesser-known and less-visited Liuwa Plain National Park, located in Zambia's western province. Conservation organizations such as African Parks, as well as intensive programmes of investment, protection and species re-introduction under the park's new management, have contributed to [...]

3 Ethical Travel Tips for an Unforgettable Zambian Safari

An ethical travel experience in Zambia can contribute to growing the country socially and economically, protecting its environment, and facilitating the conservation of its wildlife. At the same time, it makes your luxury Zambian safari a transformative and unforgettable experience for you. Solar-powered safari vehicles mean less disturbance to [...]

Two New Luxury Safari Properties Set to Open in South Luangwa

Two new tented properties will soon be available for those looking for more luxury accommodation options in one of Zambia's most beautiful and wildlife-rich areas...  The Davy Family, with their passion for Africa and each family member's unique set of skills, are geared up to introduce two brand new [...]