From June 2014, Game Rangers International (GRI) welcome National Milling Corporation (NMC) as the sponsor of the GRI Community Outreach Project “Conservation Conversations” radio program on Itehzi Tehzi FM.


Broadcast on a weekly basis, this hour-long community-focussed radio program has already achieved success in areas bordering Kafue National Park. Tackling controversial and important environmental issues such as human elephant conflict, sustainable fishing and forestry management, Britius Munkombwe presents informative programs and takes questions from listeners. The program, which reaches at least 30,000 people, has been awarded a letter of commendation from Itehzi Tehzi FM for “driving behavioural change in society towards wildlife and environment”.

NMC have become the official sponsor of the “Conservation Conversations” radio program from June 2014. They will be supporting the radio station fees, transport costs and some give-aways. GRI would like to thank NMC for this vital support to community-based conservation in the Kafue National Park region. Kafue NP is the largest protected area in Zambia, approximately the same size as Wales and is home to several threatened species including African Wild Dog, African Elephant, Lion and Hippo.

Britius and Community MembersGame Rangers International is committed to supporting Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) and wildlife conservation in the Kafue National Park region for the present and future generations of Zambia. National Milling Corporation is the largest milling company in Zambia and has one outlet in most parts of the country.

Article courtesy: GRI

Photos: GRI