By Stan Clark

Zambia has been hailed by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) as one of the safest places to travel worldwide. In 2019, around 1.27 million tourists visited Zambia, providing the country with USD820-million in revenue.

The safety and popularity of tourism in this country may help you consider Zambia as one of your destinations for a relaxing vacation. After all, travel and vacations are an opportunity to pause a hurried life, recharge the body, and calm the mind.

So, when planning a trip to Zambia, what places should you go to? What activities can you do to help improve your mental well-being?

Mental health is essential throughout your life as this aspect affects your psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

People have various ways to boost their mental health, and traveling may be one option. Understanding the benefits of travel can be beneficial in planning your activities.

Keep reading to learn how a relaxing vacation in Zambia may help boost your mental health.

Ways to Boost Your Mental Health While Taking a Trip to Zambia

Zambia has plenty of touring opportunities that Africa has to offer, including walking safaris, scenic places like the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, and untamed wilderness.

These unique experiences can help not only with your physical well-being but also your mental health and overall brain function. When planning an adventure to Zambia, consider the following activities:

Nature adventure: Outdoor activities like walking and hiking can help you become more positive. One study shows that optimistic people may have a better potential to adapt to adversity and a lower chance of developing mental disorders.

Zambia offers several nature adventure activities like the following:

  • River rafting: Ride the whitewater waves of Zambia’s Bakota Gorge, consisting of 23 thrilling rapids, while enjoying the scenery.
  • Horse riding: Take a trip on horseback through Zambia’s forests and wilderness areas and camp along riverbanks.

Ride alongside wildebeest with Simahlahla Horse Safaris

Leisure holidays: If you’re traveling with family or friends, consider going on a leisure holiday in Zambia. Traveling with loved ones may help meet your needs for belongingness and love, which can benefit your mental health.

You can do the following leisure activities when you arrive in Zambia:

  • Houseboating: Enjoy a houseboat holiday on Lake Kariba, bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe, and witness spectacular sunsets over tranquil waters. You can also visit villages along the way while cruising the lake.
  • Self-driving: Traverse Zambia’s rich and diverse landmass in your car or rental vehicle. Road conditions vary widely, and some roads become sticky mud during the wet season from about November to April. So consider using a sturdy vehicle, such as a 4×4 (a four-wheel drive).
  • Fishing: Camp along the country’s quiet shores and enjoy fishing activities pleasing to any angler.

Tours and safaris: Traveling can help you fight monotony affecting your mental well-being by letting you try new things and meet new people. Zambia’s safaris and tours allow you to enjoy these new experiences.

These safaris include the following:

  • Birding safaris: Bring your binoculars and zoom lenses and get the chance to see Zambia’s 779 bird species. Park guides and spotters are there to help you enjoy the sight of these birds.
  • Guided safaris: Get up close and personal with the country’s wildlife safely and easily through guided safaris. A guide accompanies you to provide knowledge and the best viewing opportunities.
  • Photographic safaris: If wildlife photography is your passion, pack your cameras and consider heading to Zambia. The country offers an abundance of wildlife and rich colours. Some safari operators also provide photography workshops in the field.

The end of another relaxing day on safari with Classic Zambia

The Benefits of Travel for Your Mental Health

The WTTC recognises travel as beneficial for your mental well-being. For example, when you go on a wellness trip, you can focus on practices like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. These routines can help you maintain more robust mental health.

You can also bring home the skills you learn from these activities to help you maintain a regular wellness routine even after your trip.

Research suggests that people who are consciously aware of the objects and vistas surrounding them on a walk may be more upbeat and hopeful than other walkers.

Setting aside time away from work may also help increase your productivity and energy. A study by Harvard Business Review involving more than 400 travelers found that 94% of respondents had as much or more energy after returning from a satisfying trip.

If you want to break away from the monotony of the daily grind and become more productive at work, consider making Zambia one of your travel destinations. Consult a travel agent or therapist about your plans to get the most out of your trip and boost your mental well-being.

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