Chisa Busanga, arguably one of the most unusual camps in Zambia, will be opening on 1 May 2024 rather than 1 June thanks to favourable conditions in Kafue National Park. With more drier ground available earlier than usual, guests will be able to walk, bike and go on game drives for a month longer than initially planned.

What makes this camp unique is that each of the four rooms is built in the shape of a human-sized weaver nest: ‘chisa’ means ‘nest’ in the Nyanja language. Like a weaver bird, you’re snug among tightly woven twigs, sticks and grasses, with a characteristic opening that provides a magnificent view over the Busanga Plains, known for strong lion prides and sensational birdlife.

Each nest is four metres above the ground and one has a special lift for those who need a little extra assistance. In addition to a one-of-a-kind stay, you can also saddle up to go on a mountain-bike safari – great for working off one too many G&Ts or nibbles at afternoon tea!

Chisa Busanga is slated to close on 1 November 2024 for the summer rainy season. You can read more about the camp here.