Grassroots Trust

In pursuance of our goal to help shape a viable future for Zambia, Grassroots has developed relationships with social commentators in various fields. We realised that music could play a key role in creating awareness about the environmental malfunction undermining development and help change the conservation conversation. Our goal is to mobilise collective action to restore Zambia’s soil-based natural resource economy.

The song: “Mama Zambia”

Grassroots brought three groups together to help develop the chorus “Uwa Yemba Africa” which in Chibemba means “Beautiful Africa”. Grassroots Trust explained the holistic context and each artist wrote their own verses to express their interpretation. This song is aimed at influencing listeners to restore their relationship with nature and embrace the deep traditional values that made Africa the most diverse place on earth, socially, environmentally and culturally.

The artists

  • Jordan Sinkala, 27 and Kendrix Kafula, 26, from Impi Band are well- known through several albums and hits on the Zambian charts and have developed an understanding of environmental issues affecting poverty. Jordan put the basic song together.
  • Maureen Lilanda, 46, has long been Zambia’s top Diva and is known internationally. She sings from a rich context of traditional and cultural values
  • Cactus Agony, 34, shares a similar passion for a better natural environment in Zambia and adds his rap style into the song
  • Lulu Haangala, 30, is a popular TV presenter around social issues and entertainment and is an accomplished singer in her own right.
  • Mikki, a young singer making her debut!


About Grassroots Trust

Grassroots Trust is a non-profit organisation established to shape a viable future within the context of a growing population and a rapidly declining resource base.

Natural productivity is being undermined by biodiversity loss, desertification and climate change, which we believe are inextricably linked (environmental malfunction) is causing widespread poverty.

Grassroots Trust engages with land owners, often through Traditional Authorities or local groups to stimulate discussion over natural resource and environmental management. We also engage with policy makers and CSOs where appropriate. We promote four practical technologies gleaned from around the world which work to regenerate eco-systems whilst improving profitability.

  • Holistic management is a framework to ensure that our decisions consider social, environmental and economic factors both short and long term thus avoiding un-intended consequences.
  • Planned, mob grazing helps livestock owners manage their animals in a natural pattern to reduce overgrazing and recycling of ticks, worms and parasites. The practice was widespread in Zambia before the advent of high tech solutions.
  • Low input (regenerative) agriculture is a cropping system that uses natural water and nutrient flows thereby increasing sustainability and profitability. Grassroots works with farming communities around the world to revive and perfect natural cropping. On our research/demo farm we are now able to achieve commercial yields without inputs, other than seed, and have managed to share this principle with many farmers around Zambia.
  • Tree pruning is a widely known technology to regenerate trees from stumps by careful pruning of suckers or excessive shoots. Almost all the trees that have been cut in Zambia for charcoal are still alive and can be restored to full size within five years.