We are spreading the news about a new wildlife initiative: Birding Zambia – www.birdingzambia.com!

Birding Zambia was created to benefit our bird conservation society BirdWatch Zambia, the various birding operators and guides, and bird conservation in general. Birding Zambia hopes to improve marketing for the Zambian birding operators who tend to be either site-based (lodges) or one-man companies, to provide linkages between local guides (‘community guides’) and the market, and to assist international birding companies to market their tours in Zambia.

BirdWatch Zambia will benefit through a donation for each booking through this website, new complimentary memberships and joint projects. We will operate on a commercial basis to make it financially sustainable but with the aim to generate more business for all in the birding field.

We would like to invite everybody to have a look at the website and share the news of its launch!