For 30 years, the Mobile Walking Safaris run by Robin Pope Safaris have given guests the opportunity to go on a thrilling adventure by exploring the South Luangwa National Park on foot. Current circumstances mean that a real birthday celebration in the bush is not possible. So, until then, here is some wanderlust inspiration to cure your ‘itchy feet’.

Rambling on foot through one of Zambia’s most remote parks is one of the most unique wilderness experiences you can have in life. The long grasses make a rhythmic ‘whooshing’ sound against your legs as you stride out deeper in the bush, accompanied only by the myriad bird calls emanating from the trees, the earthy smell of animals nearby, and the knowledgeable bush linguist in front, your guide.

When the time comes to go on an outdoor adventure again, here are three reasons to choose a walking safari in the South Luangwa National Park:

Step into the bush and out of your comfort zone

Taking the road less travelled is always a thrill, particularly when you and your guide make the road as you wind through the wilderness, between bushes and over streams.

© Dana Allen / Robin Pope Safaris

When you leave the height of the vehicle on a walking safari, you are able to get up close to the intricacies of the bush, which might have passed you by when elevated during a game drive. The inter-connectivity of the ecosystem at a micro-level will reveal itself in amazing ways, for instance, in the mutually beneficial relationship that sunbirds have with wildflowers or the architecture of an anthill.

Become fluent in the language of the bush

A walking safari in the South Luangwa treats guests to a hands-on and incredibly interesting learning experience.

© Dana Allen / Robin Pope Safaris

With some of the most knowledgeable guides in Africa’s safari industry, you will come back from your walk with greater fluency in the language of the bush. Learn to identify animal tracks and droppings, keep those binoculars ready for impressive birdwatching, and discover more about the habitats and ecology of your environment.

Go on a detox, the natural way

Surrounding yourself and connecting with the natural world is undoubtedly good for the soul.

© Dana Allen / Robin Pope Safaris

Not only will a walking safari help work off those scrumptious meals and snacks that are part of the safari experience, you will shed the stresses and worries that may come with a busy life back at home. Watching a bird preening itself or a spider building its web of complex design will allow you to step outside yourself and into the slow pace of nature.

A walking safari in the South Luangwa National Park truly is a special way to become totally immersed in the Zambian wilderness.