Furba Ongel Sherpa, a Nepali Mountaineer, has successfully scaled and hoisted the flag of Zambia on top of the world’s highest peak.

According to the Zambian Honorary Consulate, the purpose of raising the flag on Mount Everest is to draw attention to the strengthening of bilateral trade and relations between Nepal and Zambia. Diplomatic relations were established between the two countries on September 10, 1986.

As members of the United Nations, both countries contribute to the United Nations peacekeeping mission – Nepal with 5,353 troops and Zambia with 1,128 troops in the peacekeeping mission as of November 2017.

Zambia’s tourism potential, including Victoria Falls, its 19 national parks, and large wildlife protected lands, are mentioned as some of the country’s vast untapped opportunities to attract foreign direct investment.

Source & Image: The Himalayan Times