By Claire Birtwhistle

Turning 10 years old! It’s a momentous occasion for any child to hit the double digits but for a safari camp it is an even bigger achievement. Luangwa Safari House is patting itself on the back for growing up this year.

2015 marks the 10 year anniversary since this beautifully designed private safari house was opened in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

We could tell you that Luangwa Safari House owes its success to its African-style castle appearance and ethnic interior, but the truth is that it’s the surroundings of the house that really make this place so special and keeps the guests returning.

safari house 2

Situated on the edge of a lagoon at the end of the Great Rift Valley, in one of Africa’s finest wildlife sanctuaries, guests are visited by an array of animals that use the lagoon as a water source throughout the year.  Whilst wallowing in the pool or munching on lunch on the patio, anything from a giraffe to an elephant could wander past and block your sunlight.

Whilst very luxurious and private, the Luangwa Safari House is perfect for family getaways as it boasts four large ensuite bedrooms. Each bedroom has been uniquely designed to bring the elements of nature into the house by being decorated to represent Wind, Water, Fire or Air.

It also offers a variety of activities that the whole family can participate in. These include visits to the local villages and markets, game drives, a visit to Chipembele (local organisation that teaches children about wildlife conservation) and guided walking safaris. In fact, the Walking Safaris are one of the most popular activities at the camp with most guests commenting on how “charming, well informed and brilliant” the guides are. They also have a whole range of activities specifically aimed at the kids to ensure that they are never bored! So whilst mom and dad are having some relaxation time, the children could be doing anything from star-gazing to baking cookies in the kitchen with the chef to learning about animal spoor and droppings. Fun!

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