As the temperatures in Luangwa continue to rise and the water level continues to drop, tension amongst the wildlife is building as they fight over the limited resources available. Photographer, Kanwar Deep Juneja, was lucky enough to witness quite the epic stand-off between a leopard and a hyena.


Kanwar was out on safari with Chris from Robin Pope Safari’s Nkwali Camp, who was determined to get some wonderful sightings for him. Before long, they’d landed themselves right in the middle of a leopard hunt. After much time, patience and effort, the leopard finally managed to kill an impala and settled down for her snack. Before the leopard even had a chance to add some salt and pepper to her meal, a cheeky hyena snuck up on her and stole the impala from right under her nose! 


So there they are, leopard frustrated and hungry, hyena making off with dinner, vultures hanging out waiting for an opportunity which never came, and zebras just chilling out somewhat undisturbed by events. It was quite the spectacle.

leo hyena

The poor leopard just followed along behind the hyena picking up the odd scrap that fell off.   She continued following along into the night in the hope that she would get lucky and reclaim her prize, but sadly another hyena came along to join the party and finished off the impala.

leo hyena night