The end of the year is fast approaching and with it a time for reflection on the year that was 2015. Here at Zambia Tourism, it’s been a busy but very successful year.

At the end of 2014, you may remember that some of our team set off on a mammoth 7 week trip around Zambia. This has provided ample material for a lot of the work we’ve done back in the office this year.

Firstly, our creative team have put together a number of beautiful and highly professional promotional videos, including one for the whole of Zambia and another specifically for Zambia’s flagship park, South Luangwa. Both have received rave reviews and racked up thousands of hits on YouTube. There will be others to follow soon.

Earlier in the year we also published a post here about some of the work that Christopher Clark, our primary travel writer and blogger, had been doing to put Zambia in print following last year’s trip. In August, he added CNN Travel to the growing list of publications that he has written for on Zambia’s substantial tourism potential and numerous attractions. You can read that article, which was shared thousands of times on social media, here.

Christopher’s work on the Zambia Tourism blog regarding the increasingly pertinent debate around trophy hunting has also been widely shared and commended, and he also wrote on this issue for Huffington Post. In these posts, Christopher urged readers and prospective visitors not to boycott Zambia, explaining how such an approach would do more harm than good.

All of this is clear evidence of Zambia Tourism’s strong commitment and dedication to continuing to grow Zambia’s online tourism footprint, as well as the numbers of visitors on the ground.

Zambia and its people deserve it.