Fed by the Luombe River, Chishimba Falls are actually a combination of three successive falls, incorporating Mutumena Falls and Kaela Rapids as well as Chishimba itself. The spot is situated about 33 kms from the town of Kasama, in the Northern Province. The impressive main part of the falls is around 20 metres high.

On the Eastern bank of the river just above the falls is a camp site. There is a rainforest on the Western Bank. There are various trails and viewing points around the falls.

The Bemba people regard the Chishimba Falls as one of the most sacred places of power. The nature spirit Chishimba resides in the cave below the falls which is a place of prayer and honour. No insults, curses, words of vengeance or hatred may be uttered in the vicinity of the cave. You can walk behind the falls into this cave.

There is a hydroelectric diversion canal at the falls which helps provide power to Kasama and other neighbouring villages.

Mutumuna is above the Chishimba Falls and it is believed the spirit of Mutumuna resides here. The High Priest of Mutumuna is Chitemenwe who makes regular offerings. Because of the sacred nature of the Falls no sexual intercourse, arrogance and quarrelsomeness is allowed in the vicinity of the Falls