Mutumuna is above the Chishimba Falls and it is believed the spirit of Mutumuna resides here. The High Priest of Mutumuna is Chitemenwe and makes regular offerings. Because of the sacred nature of the Falls no sexual intercourse, arrogance and quarrelsomeness is allowed in the vicinity of the Falls.

Mumbuluma Falls, situated 33km from Mansa town in the Northern Province, cascades down in two steps on the Mumbuluma River. The higher of the two steps is 10 metres high and the falls are around 30 metres across in total. situated some distance south of the Falls, you’ll find the temple for the protective spirits of the falls, Makumba and his sister Ngosa, who, according to local legends fell from the sky. . The temple has a sacred fire which never goes out and is tended by the priests.

There is a good swimming area just beneath the falls, surrounded by dense green woodland. While there are no facilities here at all, it is a beautiful place to camp. The falls are a fair way off the main tourist routes and tend to be fairly quiet in terms of visitors, even though they are a national monument, so you’re likely to have them all to yourselves