About Bastiaan Boon

Dutch by nationality but raised on the African continent for much of my formative years, I feel a much stronger connection to the latter than the former. Upon finishing high school in the Netherlands I embarked on a journey from Cairo to Cape Town, allowing me to visit some of the continent’s most amazing locations and being entrusted with some of her best-kept secrets. The product of my travels and a lifelong passion for wildlife and the natural world was the pursuit of a degree in Nature Conservation in the Mother City. Years later, after some professional detours through KwaZulu Natal, the Richtersveld and southern Malawi to name but a few, I find myself in beautiful Kasanka National Park in remote northern Zambia. My job sees me participating in and coordinating many of the management activities in the Park as well as hosting and entertaining tourists, volunteers and school-groups that visit our beautiful corner of the country. A job as fulfilling as it is exciting, it provides me with a plethora of unique experiences that allow me to pursue another of my passions: that of the written word!