The Zambian Tourism Board (ZTB) has officially launched a campaign to encourage Zambians to see some of their country’s tourism highlights this festive season rather than just staying at home.

The Christmas period traditionally sees many lodges and hotels closing due to lack of business at this time of year. Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka, ZTB Managing Director Felix Chaila urged locals to fill the spaces left by the international market and take up the challenge of helping the hotels and lodges to keep running, which will in turn allow more domestic tourists to visit these places in future festive seasons.

With this in mind, Mr. Chaila added that his Board is happy that there has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the private sector in terms of reducing prices for the lodges and hotels to make them more accessible to Zambians for the festive season.

This is an important step in encouraging Zambians to see more of their beautiful country, and to remind them that Zambia is not only a playground for international visitors, but somewhere that is “theirs” to enjoy first and foremost.