Solwezi is the capital of the North-Western Province of Zambia. The Kaonde is the largest tribe represented in Solwezi but you can also find large numbers of Lunda and Luvale people. The main industry is copper mining. A short distance from the city centre you can find the Kifubwa Rock Stream Shelter (or cave) located next to the Kifubwa River and inscriptions from the late Stone Age. Solwezi does not have many other significant tourism attractions close by but it is a useful stop for supplies if you’re coming from Lusaka and heading west, or driving into Kafue from the north.

Most shops are concentrated along the central tarred road. There are several garages and Solwezi is generally a reliable place to refuel. You should certainly fill up completely if you’re heading west or south from here. There are several branches of banks and a supermarket. In an emergency, there’s a 24-hour medical centre.