Wildlife conservation is not only saving endangered species from extinction but allowing a thriving future for humanity.

Kafue National Park (KNP) is celebrating the launch of the game-changing Musekese Conservation. Exciting news and a step forward for conservation efforts, thanks to numerous donations and fundraising initiatives.

The newly formed organisation is enhancing conservation in KNP by facilitating capacity building programmes – which is the process of developing and strengthening skills, abilities and instincts. This, in turn, provides necessary resources within an efficient field-based environment.

The organisation is situated in the Musekese-Lumbeya area on the north-eastern side of KNP, joining Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and other conservation and research organisations.

The Musekese Conservation originated from Jefferey and McKeith Safaris (JM Safaris), which has been supporting the DNPW and KNP for a while by providing resources like fuel, transport and food rations needed for regular patrols. JM Safaris have also had a hand in influencing the development of KNP’s infrastructure.

The new organisation is focused on protecting and securing root areas of KNP from wildlife crimes and will house and support the determined Wildlife Police Officers from DNPW. This leading operational centre will ensure that the core areas of KNP – which are the most vulnerable – have a permanent law enforcement presence.

The Musekese Conservation is aiming to fight alongside the numerous organisations that are already working tirelessly to make their mark in the fight against the poaching industry and to provide their allies with even more support and resources.

Without our wildlife and Mother Nature, conservation organisations could soon be established to save humanity from extinction! Acting now before it’s too late is our fighting chance to restore the raw beauty of our Mother Earth.

Words by Mariska Joubert