We know how special it is to explore a remote and unique wilderness experience with a difference, which is why we are so passionate about welcoming guests to Kasanka National Park. It is a beautiful and valuable conservation area with diverse flora and fauna including a variety of wildlife and exceptional birdlife.

To make Kasanka more accessible to our locals and because we appreciate our local support, we have launched a “We love our Locals” initiative where we put together various specials to encourage local Zambians to enjoy our beautiful park.

One of our “We love our Locals” specials is the Kasanka Easter Extravaganza. Why not bring the family up to Kasanka National Park where Easter egg hunts and sunrise breakfasts in the beautiful surrounds of the park will take your breath away and will give you the quality time with your family that you need.

Guided walks, canoe hire and game drives can be arranged to enjoy the fantastic birdlife and to spot some of the shyer wildlife.

We also have our annual Kasanka Cycle Challenge coming up in April where guests can enjoy a weekend of cycling through a National Park with spectacular views and wonderful sightings. There is something for everyone with three different races offered and amazing prizes to be won. Whether camping or staying at the lodges, you are guaranteed fun with live entertainment, bonfires and socialising with fellow participants. Accommodation is available at campsites and both our lodges including Luwombwa and Wasa Lodge.

This newsletter was written by Meg Wilie from Kasanka Reservations