What to do in West Lunga National Park

s mentioned, there are no facilities or infrastructure at West Lunga, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. It just means you need to be completely self sufficient if you do.

Most of the park is covered with dense evergreen forests. It is these thick forest that have made development difficult, but at the same time has also kept it pristine. Small forest mammals such as bushpig and duiker, as well as puku, hippo, crocs, monkeys and baboons live here. Buffalo, Roan, sable, hartebeest an occasionally elephant are seen.

There are two rivers that border the park, and both would be excellent for canoeing or fishing. The Kabombo River is the deepest river in Zambia and the Lunga River has very transparent water.

The park also excellent birding, perhaps best done by boat due to the thick almost impenetrable vegetation.


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