It is advisable to get a local guide if you are driving through this park. It is vast and easy to get lost. But the rewards are great. Huge herds of wildebeest can be seen, over 43 000 traverse the park. Also herds of Zebra, Tsessebe, Roan and Red Lechwe. Predators are primarily wild dog, cheetah and at the moment one pride of lion. Hyaena are also common. Buffalo and Eland have been recently re-introduced to the park.

Liuwa also has extraordinarily diverse birdlife which includes many rare and migratory species. A total of 334 bird species have been recorded so be sure to bring those binoculars. Liuwa is considered to be the fourth most important breeding site for wattled cranes. The arrival of the annual floods marks the arrival of a wealth of water birds and the spectacle of massive migrating flocks is not uncommon in Liuwa.

When visiting Liuwa ask the local people about cultural dancing, traditional fishing and boating activities on offer from the community camp sites. This is a dimension of Liuwa well worth experiencing, especially after the great effort it takes to reach the plain!