Similar to Devil’s Pool, Angel’s Pool was slowly eroded into existence, over thousands of years, due to the over 500 000 metric-tonnes of water passing over the falls every minute.

Situated a little further back from the falls at 15 metres from the sheer 100-metre drop – Angel’s Pool is still a must-see, but offers visitors a bit more confidence, comfort and safety while still experience the epic view and thunderous roars of the falls.

Open during the rainy season when water levels are higher, Angel’s Pool is the alternative option when the water is too high to experience the famous Devil’s Pool. This means that you can experience at least one of the pools almost year-round.

Angel’s Pool is usually accessible between mid-August to the end of January – but this all depends on current water levels. If you are considering visiting the falls – you can keep an eye on this website which provides a live update of the operation status of both pools.

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