The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has received information of a fatal shooting incident in which some Zambian Nationals who are alleged to have gone poaching in a National Park in Zimbabwe have been shot dead and others injured.

ZAWA Investigations Unit (IIU) has since contacted Zim Parks to establish circumstances in which the suspects were shot.

According to information reaching ZAWA, a group of 14 Zambians were found poaching in Hwange National Park by Zim Parks and after being confronted, a shoot-out ensued resulting in the death of three of the suspects and the wounding of others. Officers from Zim Parks are reported to have recovered one pair of ivory and 14 rounds of .375 ammunitions in connection to the incident which happened on March 5, 2014.

The deceased three, Lisulo Mweemba, Dan Kongo and another only identified as Chikoti are said to have already been buried by their colleagues in Zimbabwe.

At the time of receiving the report, one of the wounded suspects Lindunda Walubita was still in a hospital in Bulawayo under the custody of authorities and from the group which made it back to Zambia , the suspect only identified as John is nursing gunshot wounds at his village in Mandea, Kazungula.

In another separate incident, ZAWA is working with Botswana and Namibia to investigate another case in which six Zambians were apprehended by Namibia at Katima Mulilo Boarder post for being in possession of six ivory tusks alleged to have been obtained from Botswana.

Four Botswana citizens have also been arrested by the authority there in connection to the case.

ZAWA is working with counterparts in neighbouring countries to stop cross-border poaching, which in many cases has resulted in loss of life and property. Such criminal activities are not condoned inside or outside the Zambian boarders and would-be offenders are forewarned that there is limited legal recourse resulting from injury or death following the commission of such crimes.

Residents especially along border areas are requested to be alert to report to the nearest police station or ZAWA offices any unusual movements of people bearing arms or dealing in illegal wildlife trophy without proper authorization.

Article by: The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)