Written by Sarah Davies

Although arguably not the most vital, practical component of preparation, choosing your Elephant Charge team name often takes up the most imaginative effort.

Since 2008 when the 4×4 motorsport event was first conceptualised, teams of up to six men and women have bravely taken up the challenge of traversing the wilds of Zambia’s bush through ten checkpoints not in the shortest time, no! That would be easy…. instead the shortest distance. Thus, this intrepid adventure demands a title of both calibre and eloquence indeed.

Many go with some humorous interpretation of the obvious, for example we’ve had the “Dirty ½ Dozen” and the “Dirt Herders”. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that by 15:00 on Charge day all team members will be in need of a good hose down due to a caking of mud, dust and sweat gained toiling around the course.

Then there are those wordsmiths that make the literal connection with the overall conservation goals of the Elephant Charge, for example, “The Carnivore” and the “Biking Baboons”, although we think the “Crazy Penguins” might be a bit confused geographically.

This year we can’t wait to smash the $1m mark of funds raised for conservation projects in Zambia ($892 000 so far) supporting awesome efforts like: Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia, Birdwatch, Conservation Lower Zambezi, Conservation South Luangwa etc. (for more see www.elephantcharge.org/beneficiaries).

Finally, of course, there has been the prophetic nomenclature of “Rolling Under” who gymnastically rolled their vehicle before the first checkpoint of their first charge and my own dear team “Hot Clutch” (I’m never exactly sure if it’s rude or not) who almost set fire to our gearbox one year. You have to wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something.

The Fuchs Elephant Charge 2019 will be held on Saturday 28 September at a secret location approximately 2 hours outside of Lusaka and is aiming to have a full complement of 35 teams to help us continue to raise our fundraising record.

We are delighted to be supported by several major sponsors including Fuchs, Maxxis Tyres, National Milling, Gospel Central, CC Systems, and Geotab amongst many others. This year we will have new teams, shhhh but rumours abound of a “Victorious Secret” (genius), sponsors and chargers.

Join the herd… to register, sponsor or find out more about coming along to a weekend of family fun find out more at www.elephantcharge.org or contact [email protected].

You can follow the action on Facebook and Instagram too!