Situated in a remote section of Western Zambia, Liuwa Plains is a land of rolling grasslands, abundant birdlife and the annual wildebeest migration to the area. The area is seldom visited by tourists due to its relative inaccessibility. Dramatic storms can often be seen rising up over the horizon, creating spectacular light, mesmerising skyscapes and photography opportunities. It really is one of Africa’s last true wilderness areas.

In celebration of an incredible 3 decades of adventure and unforgettable safari experiences, Robin Pope Safari’s  would like to treat their guests. In their 30th birthday spirit, a limited number of safari tours to Liuwa Plains will be led by none other than Robin Pope himself. Call it a ‘reverse birthday gift’ if you will.

Each trip will be 5 nights long and guests will stay at Matamanene Camp (NCS), the only permanent camp in the park. The camp can only be reached by a 2 hour flight, with spectacular views over the Zambezi floodplains, and a 2.5 hour game drive transfer will bring you to Matamanene Camp.

Besides the presence of large herds of wildebeest, guests can expect to see an abundance of other wildlife. Due to its low volume of visitors, the birdlife in Liuwa is also prolific. At certain times of the year the pans become filled with hundreds of pelicans, wattled or crowned cranes, geese and smaller waterbirds. One could spend hours with a camera or binoculars in hand, watching the multitude of species and never bore of it. The area is also home to a large numbers of migrating and resident ungulates, presenting great predator-prey interaction opportunities.

Guests will have the opportunity to track some of the large carnivore species which reside in Liuwa Plain; wild dog, lion, cheetah and hyena with the Zambian Carnivore Program. It is an experience not to be missed by any ardent bush lover!

Departure Dates: 25 & 30 April 2016 and 23 & 28 November 2016 only

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